Self Esteem is the way we feel about ourselves. Our opinion of ourselves critically influences everything, in every walk of life.

Self esteem comes from recognising and accepting your self worth. It makes us feel secured inside. Here we don’t have to prove anything to anyone. It’s like validating yourself from inside. This does not mean being egoistic at all. This simply means I accept myself with my pluses and flaws. Am at peace with myself. It’s not like am proud of my mistake and don’t wanna change ever. In other words it’s an awareness of being imperfect and learning from your own mistakes. There is no room for self doubt here. Unless you perceive yourself as worthy, you cannot have high self esteem. Pushing your boundaries helps you to change the self concept and improve your self esteem. It plays a major role in determining your success or failure in life.

People with high self-esteem are always motivated, ambitious, optimistic and sensitive. They like to take risk and are always open to new opportunities and challenges. Their willingness
to take responsibility is remarkable. The way they take criticism and compliment, with such ease is something very rare.

Sometimes these questions arise in my mind, why to pretend? Why put on a mask? Why to seek attention unnecessarily? What are we trying to prove and to whom? The answer to the above is; the people who are having low self esteem they possess these characteristics.

They are critical in nature. They like gossiping but if you say anything in any context, they take it personally and get hurt. They are self centered, arrogant, insecure. They keep justifying their failures and put the blame on others. They also manipulate others for their ultimate motive. At the same time they do not trust their teammates completely. For them materials are more important than humans and their emotions. They are very unforgiving and argumentive sometimes. They gain sympathy for no reason though extremely jealous in nature. Generally it is quite difficult to work with and work for these people.

It’s impossible to shortlist all the personality traits of a person having low self-esteem. Am not here to produce any kind of guilt or accuse anyone in particular. Probably most of us have a little bit of all the above negative behaviours. It’s the high time to self evaluate and get rid of the negatively within us. Coz these behaviours in long run not only impact our personal relationship but also our efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

Our character can be judged by everything we do or like, the company we keep or avoid, how we treat others, what food we eat, what book we read, what music we prefer etc.

I would like to repeat high self-esteem does not mean having a big ego. Unless a person is at peace with himself, he cannot be at peace with others. If he is not sorted at his mind, how can we expect him to help others in solving their problems fruitfully. It is just as we cannot give to others what we don’t have within.

We need to evaluate honestly and put ourselves in order. A small example can explain my analysis well. While traveling in an airplane, the instructions we get is to put on the oxygen mask first at the time of emergency, not to take care of the person sitting next to you, even they are older or younger than you, your families or anyone else. It may sound selfish but the fact is in order to support others physically or emotionally, one need to be strong both physically and mentally at the same time.

At the end, I would say if you meet your friends, family, teammates, with a healthy mind you can spread positivity around.

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