Knowledge helps us to reach our destination. Unless we are focused we cannot achieve our goal. In a bright sunny day, if you keep on moving the magnifying glass here and there it cannot burn the piece of paper. But if we hold it in one spot, focusing the light it will create fire. That’s the power of concentration.

A person who often asks the question “I don’t know where the road of life is taking me”, is the most unfocused person. When you only don’t know where you are going, any road can take you there. #Enthusiasm without direction leads to #frustration. Would you ever board a flight or train or bus, without knowing where it is heading? Of course not, right!

People always get confused between dreams and goals. #Dreams are nothing but #desires. Goals are dreams with a deadline, clear direction and an action plan.

Why do people lead a life without a goal? There are many reasons like:-

*People having pessimistic attitude look for pitfalls rather than possibilities.

*Fear of failure make them to think “what if we don’t make it”.

*Lack of ambition prevent our progess. Our limited thinking stop us from buying a bigger fish coz we have a smaller frying pan.

*What others will think, if we fail, is our biggest fear, called fear of rejection.

*We postpone out of laziness that, we will plan our goals someday. But that day never comes.

*A person who doesn’t have any inspiration, does not dare to set any goal.

  • People who doesn’t know the importance of goals, and does not have the knowledge of goal setting also stay away from persuing their dreams.

If you ask most people, what’s their objective in #life, they would give a hypothetical answer as “I want to be successful, happy, make a good living etc.” These all can be wishes, not clear goals. Goals must be S.M.A.R T- Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound.

I want to be happy. Is it a goal? No, because #happiness is a state of mind. But we can convert it into a goal by asking what gives me happiness? Your goal should be slightly out of reach; #challenging. It keeps you #motivating. If it’s out of reach, it’s no more realistic. Most importantly, your goal should be specific and limited by time. If you say you want to lose weight, it is just a wish. When you say I want to lose 10 kgs within 3 months it becomes your goal.

Goals can be of long term or short term. A life time goal is called the purpose of your life. Having a purpose is important but goals are achievable when they are broken into small ones.

Family, Money, Health, Social Responsibility and Spirituality, when all these factors are aligned your life become balanced. Likewise your goals in life must be balanced too. People have false impression that money is the root of all evil. I don’t think that’s true. Money is just the medium of exchange. It’s not the cause of downfall rather the imbalancing approach is the real reason behind. Our educational system should, not only, teach us how to make a living, but also, how to live.

There are people who are so engrossed in their professional lives that they neglect their families, health, social responsibilities. But if you ask them, they will reply like they are doing it for their families. These people when turn around after 20-30 years, there is no family left with them, which is the saddest truth.

We all have been hearing a statement since ages that- it is not the #quantity of time that we spend with our families, but the #quality that matters. Is it really true? Suppose you go to the best restaurant, they offered you world’s tastiest food, but that is not sufficient for you at all, the food can’t kill your hunger. Will you be satisfied? I hope the message is clear. We need both quality as well as quantity. We can’t mandate quality time always. Moments of quality come out of longer quantity of experience. In the process of earning money, one should not neglect our health nor our responsibilities towards society.

A person who aims at nothing never misses. Goal should be #challenging enough to motivate you yet realistic enough to avoid discouragement. Anything we do either takes us closer to our goal or farther away. If someone’s goal is to be the embodiment of good health with no money, it is quite obvious that it will be hard to achieve. A person could make all the money in the world yet if he loses his family and health, is it worth it? If a person makes money in an illegal way, it takes away peace of mind and good will.

We must be able to answer the question why this goal is important, become why is
the motivation. The bigger the ‘why’ the easier the ‘how’. Having a compelling reason is very much important. Goal without action is an empty dream. Even if a person misses his goals, it does not make him a failure. Delay does not mean defeat. It means we have to revise our plans to reach our target. Just like a camera needs focus to take a good picture, we need goals to make a productive life.

Everyone’s purpose of life is different. We all can’t play the same tune, or else it will become very boring. Setting an aim is the most important, it’s the first step towards success. It doesn’t matter where we are today. What really matters is the direction we are heading in. Effort and courage without purpose is wasted. Worry leads to negative goal setting.

If we confuse activity with accomplishment, we could be making great time but we won’t know our destination. Just like, in a flight, the pilot come and says we will reach our destination before an hour as the wind’s direction is in our favour. But our navigation system has failed, so we don’t know where we are heading.

Many a times we have totally useless goals and we end up losing our energy in life. We all see roadside dogs who randomly bark at cars and run behind them, chase them. But when can’t catch, come back silently and sit at their place. They repeat the same thing when see another vehicle passing by. Sometimes this question may arise to many, “can the dog catch the car ever”? But what comes to my mind is “what the dog will do if it catches the car ever”? Many times we behave like this dog.


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