Do you ever feel like your mind is one big scrolling of to-do list, a mess of work-life balance? And you are always struggling to keep it updated, remember what’s on it, readjust it’s priorities and delete what no longer serves you?

Find and focus on these below mentioned straight forward steps:-

  • Holding thoughts in your mind is nearly equal to trying to grasp water, which is almost impossible. But by writing down our thoughts, we can capture and arrange then clearly so that we can work with them later.

When we are kid we focus on way too many things, all at a time. When we grow up we do the same but we call it “being busy”. But it doesn’t mean we are being productive on those so called busy moments.

If we pen down our thoughts, it will be easier for us to map out ways to tackle our goals, aspirations and concerns. It is called creating a mental inventory. Include here the things you need to do and wanted to do.

** Consider why are you doing each of these things at the first place. Because we often burden ourselves with unnecessary responsibilities and get distracted by what we should be doing instead do we really wanted to do all these? things?

If something in your list has the answer “yes” for the following two questions, then it’s worth being there, or else consider it as a distraction and remove it immediately.
Is it vital?
Does it matter to me or someone I love?

*** Now your inventory will consist of vital things only. So break it into small actionable projects. Your projects do not have to be tied with your passion or major interest- it can be anything you want to explore further.

Suppose in my list I have included learning cooking. But I haven’t planned to cook lunch or dinner for my whole family of 7 people (including me). For me it’s a long term process. I do not want me to be in a messy, unpleasant situation and ruin my curiosity about cooking all together. Smaller steps held us to cultivate and multiply our interest.

**** Spend some time, say 5-10 min, revising your inventory dedicatedly to keep the map updated with all the new things we discover. Make it a habit and practice it everyday positively. Of we don’t do it our map become inaccurate and we start moving off the beat. during this process, suddenly if you feel something is no longer matter to you, just let go off it.

Unfortunately time is not a renewable resource. It is our responsibility to take the time to identify the things that interest is and figure out ways to pursue them.

Following these simple steps will help you to build the profound insight into your life. What you have tried, what not, what should we do more of, what’s working what’s not etc.

I found it extremely useful and started applying and getting desirable outcome. Hence sharing it with you all. Hope you like it.


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